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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my garden only look good during the spring?

It is common mistake to make in picking your plants all at the same time at the nursery, often in the spring when we are thinking of gardening, and selecting all plants that look good then. Instead a garden should be planned for color in all for seasons and planted accordingly. Here is Western Washington we have something blooming in each of the twelve months of the years, as well as the wonderful foliage colors available throughout the year.

What should I do first to renovate my yard?

Develop a plan for your entire outdoor living space. You may implement your plan in stages over a number of years, but you want to anticipate all future improvements, so that you maximize your yard potential and minimize any wasted money and effort now that would need changed in the future.

What should I spend money on first in my landscape?

Hardscape should always be your first choice when you are starting your new landscape. You need to provide the “bones” for your landscape, before you plant the texture and color. You can always add or move plants, but you may not be able to access the area or re-contour the grounds in the future. In addition, the hardscape creates not only useable outdoor living space, but color in your landscaping as well.

What is the biggest change you see added to landscape designs in the NW in the last 5 years?

Probably the most included new item in landscapes recently is the addition of gas firepits to plan. With the cool weather and evenings here in the Northwest, a heat source increases your outdoor living space usability significantly. The ambiance created by such a feature is also a huge consideration.

What is the one item you would have in your landscape that many do not?

Outdoor lighting has changed significantly in recent years with the improvements in availability in LED low voltage lighting. The new LED is extremely efficient in energy usage, warm and natural in color and incredible low maintenance, making it a perfect choice for outdoor lighting. It not only increases the hours your outdoor living space in useable, but provides a mood setting for the entire yard. It has been described as “feeling you are staying at a posh resort every day of the year”.

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